Fees for the SCSA testing are quite low when compared to other infertility testing methods.

  • SCSA® Laboratory Fee:
    (Includes Clinical Report) $300
  • Shipping and Handling Fee via Federal Express*: $150
  • Insurance CPT/Procedure Code for SCSA Test: # 88182

* Samples are shipped in a pre-cooled shipper that we can provide either at ambient or pre-chilled temperatures. The pre-cooled shipper will be sent in a mushroom shaped container.  The round trip cost for a dry shipper in the continental United States is $150.00. Shipping costs to other destinations may vary. For example, round trip shipping to Canada costs approximately $250 US. Note that our dry shippers can hold 40-50 samples in 1-2 ml cryovials. Therefore, the cost of shipping can be shared between up to 20-25 couples.