Prevention of Sperm DNA Damage

What is SDD?

The only function of a sperm cell is to deliver its precious DNA to the egg cell upon fertilization. The combined DNA from both parents will then provide the genetic blueprint and makeup of your child. Unfortunately, while sperm cells are developing and are in storage, the DNA they contain can be easily damaged.  Although damage to sperm DNA can mostly be repaired by the egg, if there has been excessive damage or the egg is not of optimal quality, a successful fertilization may not ensue. Even if fertilization is successful, the prevalence of SDD puts you and your partner at a higher risk for the resulting pregnancy to end in a miscarriage.

How do we treat SDD?

SDD cannot be treated directly. However, it can be substantially prevented by a change of lifestyle factors or with a course of natural antioxidants that are normally present in fertile men. We recommend both approaches before attempting to conceive.

Why do we need antioxidants to produce healthy sperm? 

Sperm cells are produced in the male reproductive tract over a period of about 74 days. Mature sperm cells are then stored until ejaculation. During this period of production and storage, sperm cells are easily damaged by uncontrolled metabolites in the body such as free radicals or other toxic species. Such damage may result in low DNA quality or poor semen parameters such as motility, morphology or concentration.  Such adverse outcomes primarily occur when the body’s natural antioxidant defense system has been substantially weakened and is no longer capable of providing effective protection. Scientists refer to this condition as “oxidative stress”.

Many factors can weaken the body’s antioxidant stores and contribute to a state of oxidative stress, including but not limited to:

  • smoking and excessive alcohol consumption
  • exposure to air pollution, industrial chemicals, or radiation from electronic devices
  • disease conditions such as infection, cancer, diabetes, varicocele or obesity

As men age, current studies show significant deleterious impact of these environmental factors on sperm health is greatly exacerbated. 

Fortunately, avoiding or minimizing exposure to some of the above factors and supplementing with scientifically-validated antioxidants can significantly help men avoid the risks of oxidative stress.

What are Fertilix® Preconceptual Antioxidants?

After 10 years of research and development, Fertilix® formulations represent the latest medical breakthrough in the treatment of male fertility. Formulated by the world's leading reproductive scientists, Fertilix® is a unique blend of natural antioxidant vitamins and minerals, which are both water and fat soluble, to ensure complete protection of the sperm cell.

Scientifically validated, these formulations promote optimum sperm preconception health to maximize the chance of achieving a healthy pregnancy and having a healthy child. Fertilix® formulations have been specifically designed in three strengths to meet each individual’s personal need depending on age, fertility potential, method of conception, and risk of oxidative stress.

The recommended course for Fertilix® is three months, to ensure maximum protection during the entire cycle of spermatogenesis and storage time after development. However, the protective effects of Fertilix® may actually begin in as early as three weeks.

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The results of your SCSA test will determine which Fertilix® formulation is right for you. Use the following guidelines to choose your formulation:

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After treatment, a second SCSA assay is recommended to ensure DNA integrity has returned to optimal levels. 

Caution: Do not take Fertilix® with any other dietary supplements. If you are currently using a dietary supplement and wish to use Fertilix® Preconceptual Antioxidants, simply stop using the other supplements for as long as you are taking Fertilix®. A two-week “washout” period is recommended before starting Fertilix®. If you are on any medications, consult a doctor before starting any antioxidant supplements.