SCSA Diagnostics: A Vital Step in Screening Male Fertility
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As of Jan 16th 2014, SCSA Diagnostics has moved to a new location . Please note our new address, phone and fax numbers.

Did you know?
Poor quality sperm DNA can reduce a couple's chance of pregnancy by up to 10 fold? Find out if your sperm's DNA (genetic material) is healthy or damaged, and how that may impact your ability to conceive a child.

Introducing SCSA

For trying-to-conceive (TTC) couples and their doctors, the SCSA test is the original and Gold Standard for sperm DNA fragmentation screening that delivers a highly accurate measure of male reproductive health. Because the SCSA analysis was pioneered, patented and tested for over 25 years by the founder and president of SCSA Diagnostics of Brookings, South Dakota, only SCSA Diagnostics can be trusted to provide accurate and time tested results. International medical literature states that SCSA is the ONLY sperm DNA fragmentation test that has an established clinically significant threshold to helping you determine sperm DNA health.


Be Proactive.

Before beginning or continuing the emotional and financial costs of month-after-month TTC, or fertility treatments such as IUI or IVF/ICSI, do an SCSA test to make a more informed approach to your conception journey.  Don't waste precious time and finances on treatments that are unlikely to succeed.


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