"I wanted to share some wonderful news with you Jen & Dr. Evenson. My wife & I recently had our fourth IVF (and second since my surgery), and I can report that she is now pregnant - with TWINS! She is currently 19 weeks pregnant and is due to deliver at the end of January. I don't know if we could have achieved this success without your assistance. The SCSA test was instrumental to diagnosing the most likely cause of our infertility. We truly appreciate the work that you do and are thrilled to be able to share the news of our success. "

Brad C. - New York

"Thank you for discussing our infertility issue with our doctor. I am now in my sixth month of pregnancy and all is going well."

Rebecca T. - San Francisco

"I read your article in the latest American Fertility Association CD on age related sperm DNA damage that gave us a possible reason for our lack of pregnancy. I am a healthy 30 yr old in my first marriage to a man, age 55. Since my husband had two children in his first marriage, my doctor said that he was fertile and that the problem could be due to me. A number of tests on me were negative. Then your article said that the %DFI increases with age and by age 50 there was already a one-third chance that my husband's sperm had enough fragmented DNA that could make him infertile. Your SCSA test on my husband showed that about half of his sperm had fragmented DNA-my doctor now agrees that this was the problem for our infertility and we are now pursuing other options. You have done us a great favor in helping us to pursue a new path to pregnancy."

Kelly N. - New York City

"My husband worked in a fruit orchard and did a lot of pesticide spraying. We had been TTC for several years without any luck. I read on your WEB site that pesticides can cause infertility due to sperm DNA damage. Our first semen sample while he was working showed a lot of DNA damage. Then he got laid off and after some months we did another SCSA test which showed in the Excellent range and after several months we got pregnant. Now we understand why we had the problem."

Maria C. - California

"Thank you so much, again, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness in getting back to me. Thanks so much for helping us solve our infertility problem. We had been trying since we were married a little over a year ago. We found your WEB site by putting SCSA into Google and then called you to have a collection kit sent to our home. In answering the questions on my husband's health I said that the only medication my husband was on was Paxil that he had been taking for helping his stress at his office. His %DFI was 40% which your WEB reference articles showed to be possible trouble for getting pregnant naturally. We talked to his doctor who had him go off his medicine and we did another SCSA test about two months later. We were happily surprised that his %DFI was down to 12%! And we are now pregnant!!! Thanks so much."

Joan B. - Miami

"I saw your SCSA brochure in my doctor's office. He had my husband give a semen sample which was sent to your diagnostic center for an SCSA test and an aneuploidy test. We learned that 1/3 of his sperm carried an extra chromosome 21-which would give us high risk for a Down syndrome child. Thanks to your help we are now going to use donor semen for our attempts at pregnancy."

Jean S. - Chicago

"Thank you Dr. Evenson for helping us get pregnant! Our SCSA test showed a high %DFI and from your discussion it was suggested that we have a urologist check him for varicocele-which he had. After surgery his DFI went down a lot and now we are pregnant. Thanks again!!!"

Cheryl T. - Boston

"Congratulations Dr. Evenson for all of your pioneering work on developing the SCSA test. You have spent years of research to make this the most tested and verified male infertility test!"

David J. - New Jersey

"I was desperate to figure out why we had five miscarriages after using ICSI fertilization. Sitting in the waiting room of my clinic I read an article in Fertility Today that you had written on Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL). Discussing that article with our doctor, we sent a sample of my husbands sperm for an SCSA test that showed a 75% DFI. My doctor became convinced that my husband's sperm had so much DNA damage that this was the likely reason for the miscarriages. We used donor sperm and got pregnant the first try using IVF. Our son, Joey, is 3 months old now and we are very grateful for your help!"

Susan J. - Houston, TX

"When my husband was diagnosed with 0-1% normal morphology, his urologist at a top IVF clinic in NYC suggested that he also do the SCSA test. The test said that we would never conceive a child because there was too much DNA fragmentation. (From SCSA: we suggested trying IVF/ICSI as an alternative to further attempts at natural conception.) We were successful on our first IVF/ICSI with the birth of our son, then another son 17 months later using the same technology, then 17 months later, I gave birth to our daughter, then 10 months later, I conceived a son naturally with my husband, and gave birth 19 months after our daughter. Recently, I just gave birth to our 5th child, our 4th son and we plan on doing a FET to conceive 1 or 2 more daughters in the near future. The test helped us to realize that IVF/ICSI was a great option for us to achieve the big family that we always wanted. I never even experienced a miscarriage in a first trimester."

Robyn - New York, NY